About Us


NINFA stands for Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities Forum, Australia.Born on the 24th July 2006, NINFA is an autonomous representative body of Nepalese residing in Australia , who are officially recognised in Nepal as Indigenous Nationalities. NINFA is not- for- profit making organisation and is officially registered in New South Wales government of Australia . The first convention of NINFA was held in Sydney on 24th December 2006 in the presence of Dr. Om Gurung, Former General secretary of NEFIN (Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities). Since its inception, NINFA has constantly involved in advocating for Nepalese Indigenous issues.

Mission statement:

NINFA endeavours in bringing awareness among Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities about their identity, rights, and representation in the nation building campaigns.


NINFA was conceived with the vision of restructuring Nepal as a federal democratic republic, and ensuring equal representation of Nepalese people at every level of decision making body, irrespective of their ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious and geographical background.


  • To generate awareness among Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities (NIN) living in Australia , about the existing socio-cultural, political and economic marginalisation of their fellow NIN in Nepal.
  • To unify all NINs residing in Australia and advocate issues of Indigenous people in Nepal.
  • To express solidarity to Nepalese Indigenous nationalities living in Nepal.
  • To promote, encourage and support leadership building among NINs living in Australia.
  • To establish an understanding and cooperation with other associations within Australia and abroad which purport a common vision and pursue similar interests.
  • To establish and maintain good relation with non indigenous Nepalese residing in Australia, and the wider Australian community.
  • To voice support in favour of a federal democratic republican structure in Nepal, with equal representation of Indigenous Nationalities on every walks of Life.